link dump friday #4

right on time. here we go:

if you’re a #Hamilfan AND #Potterhead you should probably take a gander at this.

every once and a while someone send’s me a link to a Beyoncé uni course cause they know i stan for her. Kevin Allred was the first to bring one to life at Rutger’s in their Gender Studies department and he hosts a podcast called Bey-ond Pop Culture that I enjoy every week. This week he wrote a piece in Huffpo for their series When Representation Mattered entitled, “What I, A White Man, Want Everyone To Know About The Power Of Black Women” and i think it’s real good. i have similar feelings i think. Destiny’s Child’s Survivor was for me what Control was for Kevin.

doing ballet growing up in a rural area made me latch on to all things ballet even if they were awful, like Disney’s the Nutcracker featuring Macaulay Culkin from the 90’s. i was thrilled to learn earlier this week that Misty Copeland is partnering with Disney for a new Nutcracker film.

The Survivor’s Guide to Gaza

“Who knew there’d come a time when people didn’t want to bury their children?”

#SayHerName: Korryn Gaines and the Erasure of Violence Against Black Women. also, this thread is fire.

so, like. this is for feminist men (i just shuddered while i typed that so, take it for what it is) who are dating. but… despite being super cis and hetero it does a super bang up job talking about attachment and autonomy within (dating) relationships. i kind of consider attachment to be my jam at the moment (it’s where i’m learning the most about myself right now) but i learned a lot whole reading this. could not recommend enough.

i’m currently re-watching Parenthood (the little show that could produced by Jason Katims who also executive produced FNL) and the show put back into my orbit this song. ps. i need more people to watch Parenthood so we can talk about it. it is super compelling TV.

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