link dump friday #18

if you’re white, in particular a white cis woman, if there’s one thing you should read this week it should probably be this. (thanks, ja!)

sometimes women have to make hard choices to be writers. while we’re at it, here is a review of Kai Cheng Thom’s new book i recently finished. 

social justice must be complicated because oppression is never simple.

ugh, this: love as political resistance.

six disabled activists and why the resistance must be accessible.

#DisabledAndCute is a great hashtag to take a gander through that has popped up this past week. #DisabledAndCurmudgeonly is a great response to it.

Jessica Williams and why Black women are not here to save you.

i don’t have enough time or energy to tackle the bullshit that is Beyoncé not getting AOTY at the Grammy’s. there are so many links i could drop but i’ll leave you with this one. here’s my favorited song from LEMONADE, Love Drought, which she performed sunday night. 


link dump friday #17


forgot to share this a couple of weeks ago: Momma Louisiana/Tina taught me.

a couple of weeks ago i found out (thanks ab and sd!) about this super cool podcast called Song Exploder where musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. on last week’s episode, the composer from the film Moonlight talked about the theme he created. in doing so i was introduced to a style of southern hip hop called chopped and screwed that added another brilliant layer to an already brilliant film. fast forward to this week and a chopped and screwed a mix of the Knowles’ sisters albums  from the past year called ‘A Seat At The Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade,’ has come out. it’s amazing. 

white people, i don’t want you to understand me better, i want you to understand yourselves.

young brilliance.

things to make you smile: black boy joy/black girl magic one and two.

Andrea Gibson forever.

Black History Month, Disability and Elizabeth Suggs.

10 Questions About Why Ableist Language Matters.

FKA Twigs ft. Cranes in the Sky.

check out the hashtag on twitter #WomenResistLike which centres and celebrates BIPOC femmes.

Femme FM is a brilliant local radio show made by brilliant femmes for brilliant femmes. my favourite epi thus far.

chance the rapper has a new video out. 

link dump friday #16

what a terrifying week. it’s hard to know how to exist. it’s hard to know what to say or do. to all my pals and friends, I love you, I see you, I got you.

six tips to avoid being a bystander when witnessing a racist attack.

this week, more than sixty years after the brutal murder of fourteen year old Emmett Till, the woman who accused him of whistling at her finally confessed to lying about it. this is such an important read: Emmett Till and the Pervasive Erasure of Disability in Conversations About White Supremacy and Police Violence.

11 Black Queer and Trans Women Discuss Self Care.

Marissa Alexander is finally free!

Beyoncé blessed us with good news on the first day of African History month. here’s a podcast talking about her pregnancy announcement the decentering of whiteness in her maternity photos. the final chapter of LEMONADE. OSHUN. YEMOJA. VENUS. if you go to her website right now you can check out more photos of her and her family along side poetry by Warsan Shire. she has three hearts. as an aside, someone on Twitter mentioned that Darth Cheeto is a Gemini that can only be defeated by twins. *insert smirk emoji* here’s a reminder of the first glorious time she was pregnant. so happy for her and her fam. her birth truthers from before when she was pregnant with Blue can suck it.

that’s all I got. have a good weekend y’all. make sure you reach out to the people you love.

link dump friday #15

whelp. it’s been a week.

you have to ask why you care now, and not before. 

jay smooth gives his read on the damn march.

thread for non-disabled folks to consider when thinking about activism re: the damn march. also, check out the hashtag #AccessibleOrganizingMeans on Twitter while you’re there.

thread for white folks who keep acting so proud about how the damn march was peaceful and no one got arrested. here is another one for good measure.

this link includes a thread for settlers in regards to the damn march. (i would include the original thread by @sydnerain but their tweets are now protected).

listen to a Black woman.

smh. peak white feminism. (if you don’t get it, suffragettes were racist, see here).

thank god for identity politics.

look, MHP put together an Black feminism syllabus. there’s no excuse now. (pretty sure i’ve shared this before).

my personal top three nazi’s getting punched to music: one, two, and three. (reminder that richard spencer is 38 and not a boy who is young, impressionable and doesn’t know any better).

still can’t stop thinking about moonlight. Ashton Sanders talks about radical Black masculinity. 

disability and jomo: the joy of missing out (thanks Soho Bookclub ❤ ❤ ).

how to support your disabled friends in winter and beyond.

ode to self care has been my jam this past little while.

like dump friday #14

it’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. it’s been a while y’all. between ruining my laptop and the world feeling like its about to end, i have not been motivated to keep this up. but now i’m here and motivated again to get back to it and try to write things besides link dumps in the future.

for now, though:

this gem of an interview of Solange by Beyoncé.

“it made me realize that we have no rituals for suffering, for breaking up, for hurting. i am not sure what those rituals would look like, but it does seem like something to seek.” if community were a safe place to fall apart.

i’ve always been self conscience about my teeth, quite often as of late, so i went back to this to help me decipher through my thoughts and feelings.

meryl streep’s golden globe speech: reaction from disabled people.

this thread about disability accessible items in response to this trash of a piece.

forgiveness is not a binary state.

the living bridges project is the brain child of Mia Mingus and documents responses to csa (child sexual abuse) from all types of people (survivors, bystanders, people who have done csa) in the hope that it can lead to transformative understanding and future responses to csa. these stories are not easy to listen to. you really need to take care of yourself or enlist the care of others if/when you decide to. ❤ 

sex gets real is a great podcast a pal alerted me to that talks about relationships, sex and everything in between. one of the first epis i listened to was about consent and carving out space for those in your life who are survivors to say yes and no when the stakes aren’t high and i just sobbed walking home from a pals house while i took it all in. good, hard, important, necessary stuff.

in december I was lucky to see a new musical called dear Evan Hansen. this was my favourite song from it sung by the glorious queen Cynthia Erivo.

happy weekend y’all. kate out.

link dump friday #13

what a trying week.

here’s some chance the rapper to get you through. (thanks ke!)

i finally finished the summer we got free and i can’t recommend it enough. i also read the tale of one bad rat and it was good. cw: for incest, tho.

meet Darren Seals

ugh. Solange dropped ‘A Seat at the Table’ last week. was a gem. we are so lucky. here’s her and her mom Ms. Tina talking about it. this is a really good review.

this week in Solange’s sister: if this ain’t the cutest thing, i don’t know what is. this look *fire emoji 100 emoji raised fist emoji* if you’ve been touched by the queen, maybe you wanna write about it?

Serena Williams and her biggest win.


link dump friday #12

Pitch is a new show on Fox (of all places) that tells the story of the first woman (who happens to be Black) to play in major league baseball. it. is. good.

The Problem With The New Down Syndrome PSA Starring Olivia Wilde (it’s a couple of months old but important).


self care.

Mia Mingus makes my heart sing.

i’ve always been super interested in asl. i took two classes while i was in uni and if my hands didn’t pain me all the time i’d probably try to take the interpretation program at nscc. this read talks about how queer and deaf communities are tackling oppression together.

this week in beyoncé: a Black artist illustrated the 11 chapters of Lemonade.

tattoo as ceremony.

queeriods: how to include menstruators of all genders in conversation.

nayirraah waheed’s self published poetry book salt celebrated it’s third anniversary this week. nayirrah wrote a reflection on salt, what it meant to have had it self published and who her writing is for.

great thread on depression and how it should not be equated with sadness.

here’s a buzzfeed listicle about chronic pain.

this is really good: Telling Myself the Truth: 5 Strategies for Fighting Internalized Ableism

i don’t think some people will like this one: Defending Hillary Clinton is not Feminsim. “If your feminism holds more space for a racist genocidal imperialist than it does for an entire planet full of women suffering under the barbarity of the system she has dedicated her life to upholding then your feminism is trash, it’s not going to get you free, and you need to get it together.”

i am listening to Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat at the Table’ as i get this ready. twitter user @SheSeauxSaditty described it as, “the appendices for Lemonade.” the album is not for me, but it is perfection.

There is a water crisis happening in Potlotek First Nation right now.

A visual history of social dance in 25 moves.

the biggest prison strike in history in the states is happening right now and hardly no one knows about it.

teehee. here for it.

for whatever reason i find the way this is written a little off-putting or something but i think it’s still a helpful read: 50 Way People Expect Constant Emotional Labour from Women and Femmes.