link dump friday #5

this week’s been busy too. i swear ta gawd when i get moved into my new place next week and settled i’ll be working on doing other things besides dumping links.

@jaythenerdkid on twitter had two really good threads going on this week: this one about woke cis dudes and their responses to finding out that another trusted woke cis dude was an abuser is *fire emoji* then there is this one about her thoughts on being bipolar. i will probably use this in the future when i tackle a post about my r-ship w/ my mom.

Google is a piece of shit and has erased Palestine from Google Maps.

Korryn Gaines and Freddie Gray’s deaths at the hands of the police highlight Baltimore’s lead poisoning crisis.

really enjoying this new podcast by W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu, mainly because i love Hari Kondabolu. the epi this week featuring dream hampton was great.

this is getting posted mainly because i am pissed at how Jared Leto treated Viola Davis. also just over dudes getting accolades for this kind of crap in general.

still really into chance the rapper. this piece about him is really lovely. i still can’t figure out how to give him my money, though (any help would be greatly appreciated). i also started listening to frank ocean this week to see what all the hype is about. i get it now. this is a great piece about reclusive artists and the demands they face.




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