link dump friday #11

what a week. let’s jump right in.

if you aren’t watching Queen Sugar you are really missing out. i’m so in love. Ava Duvernay wrote and produced it (based off the book by Natalie Baszile) and every week a different woman directs the show. shine theory in action. i really like this little storyline and how it’s there but it’s not a big focal point to any of the epi’s. seriously though, Queen Sugar is Lemonade level for me. it’s exquisite, i tremble while watching it, i feel blessed/lucky to have the chance to watch this story unfold.

made these this week. delish.

this week in Beyoncé: Viola Davis’ daughter is a stan. we don’t even need to give time to the fact that Bey was robbed of an Emmy.

Flint, Michigan has been without safe drinking water since April 2014. This week the state removed the Flint’s ability to sue.

“Right now, I need white women, particularly white feminist spaces, to go beyond the idea that their racism is just a passive, residual effect of violent white men’s anger and control.” white women and a revisiting of intersectionality. (thanks, ja!)

“…the existence of blacks in America is one predicated on the recognition, or rather nonrecognition, of others — politicians, police officers, department store managers, landlords. If you are black, you live provisionally. You exist somewhere in the in-between, oscillating like a pendulum amid an uncertain life and an immediate, certain end.” read more here.

a lot of white people don’t know where to start when they try to start to unpack their privilege and whiteness/learn about race. maybe start here. (again, thanks ja!)



link dump friday #10

happy friday y’all. the suns out. it feels like fall. i’m off this weekend AND slept well last night.

let’s go.

Solange Knowles breaks it down after having a terrible experience at a Kraftwerk concert with her family.

“i am so tired of radical vulnerability discourse that locates empowerment in divulging personal pain.” oh my. yes. this.

the queer poor aesthetic. (thank you, ja.)

Disabled Lives, Assisted Suicide and Ableism. a must read. found here.

Tobias Jesso Jr. dropped a little somethin’ somethin’.

Jay-Z made this video to raise awareness about the War on Drugs and black disenfranchisement (Molly Crabapple did the illustrations, dream hampton was involved in the development process). here is a response, the Herstory of the War on Drugs.

“My femme identity doesn’t just include my disabled body; it’s built on it.”

GBBO is moving over to Channel 4 and Mel and Sue are not going with it. love for Mel and Sue. reminder why GBBO is so awesome.

Ijeoma Oluo is always on point and a queen. When I Said All Trump Supporters Are White Supremacists, I Meant It.

future me: Woman Who Picked Dog Over Getting Married Made the Right Decision. (thanks ke!)

this week in Beyoncé: she helped plan a surprise proposal for her dance captain that’s been with her since she was 18. “well, let’s see if you can do the choreography after that.”

gonna try and write something that’s not a link dump this weekend. let’s see if it gets posted monday ❤



link dump friday #9

friday. yay day.

GBBO has been back for a couple of weeks. this week was bread week which is one of my faves. so is Val. (she does aerobics while she bakes). also, gonna start telling myself this all the time. thank you, Mary.

tired of trigger warnings being back in the news and *so* controversial. How the Trigger Warning Debate Exposes Our Fucked Up Views on Mental Illness why can’t we all just be aware, sensitive people?! jeepers.

Jen Richards posted this video about cis actors, trans roles and the violence that is enacted every time a cis actor takes on one. she also sent this tweet out last week and it’s been on my mind ever since.

more Laverne, less Katherine. amirite?

Labour Day was this past Monday. Here‘s a great piece about Labour Day, the labour movement and racism.

on on fetishizing lone and romance. (thanks, ar!)

The Real Sex Lives Of Muslim Women (nsfw image comin’ at ya). this is so good.

How To Be A Practicing Feminist With Your Partner

Radical Vulnerability: Why It’s Important to be Visible Online if You’re Sensitive

i have not gotten to any of this yet but i am excited and grateful to have access to it: Black Disabled Woman Syllabus: A Compilation

Regina Spektor has new music out and I feel like I’m 18 and back in my uni dorm again.

feeling the puppy/dog fever hard this week (lets get real, when am i not?) here’s a listicle of greyhounds.

dark skin and tattooing. *heart eye emoji* #LEMONADE.

Darren Seals, a community organizer and local activist in Ferguson, MO was murdered this past week. He was a fierce critic of the BLM movement.


How To Be Wrong Do you want to be right or, do you want to be better? (thanks ar!)


link dump friday #8

i feel like this week has gotten the best of me but here goes:

Beyoncé blessed us with a 15 minute vma performance this week. she has a way of uplifting me that very few can. sunday was a super hard day at work so, when i got my ass home monday morning it was the best thing to begin decompressing with. i cried a lot. the video has been taken down so if weren’t able to catch it, i’m so sorry. my friend kf sent me this Yoncé themed flash (i want all of it). leading up to the vma’s i was reflecting on memorable Bey performances and i was reminded of one, i think it was at last year’s MIA festival where she sampled this Eartha Kitt interview where she talks about love and compromise. it is FIRE. i should probably listen to it once a week or something. (HA! stupid.) in other Beyoncé news: not only did she put new merch up on her online store. (i NEED that boy bye sweater) she also has new merch out for the second lag of her North American tour (i also NEED that burgundy ruched sweater).

Thurst is gonna be the first dating app for queer people of all genders. COOL.

whelp. that’s all i got.


link dump friday #7

last friday i was stoked because a new Frank Ocean album was out but later that day i was also reminded that Lisa Hannigan had a new album come out as well. it’s been a long time coming and it’s so so lovely.

someone, i can’t remember who, told me to listen to the heart (formerly known as audio smut), a podcast/audio art project about intimacy and humanity. i’ve been listening to their whole back catalogue while i’ve been puttering around my new place. it’s kind of hit or miss for me. some epi’s i’ve had to skip cause they’ve been triggering. i’d also give a nsfw warning for it’s earlier epi’s especially. but, there was an epi early on about disability and intimacy called the Sensorium, another called Love Letters about, you guessed it, love letters, and, I just got done a really cute/weird episode about fan love/Aaron Carter. i think it’s worth checking out.

the best cat story thread.

tiff and instagram teamed up for a short film festival and this film, Hope, won fan favourite.

Ramen is quickly becoming the preferred form of currency (over tobacco) in US prisons.

sigh. Cop shoots and kills unarmed deaf man as he tries to communicate using sign language.

Caster Semenya is stronger and faster than other athletes, but the real advantage is that she is braver.” v. tired of this bullshit brought on by the Olympics. background info can be found here.

other olympics bullshit: a Palestinian refugee playing for Jordan wins gold and Israel claims him as their own.

tenderqueerthings makes my tender queer heart feel things.

Roxane Gay talking ’bout Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy. cw: sexual assault and suicide.

i am sad Larry Wilmore and the folks at the Nightly Show are done. i am sad the next q host is a white, cis dude. Are Diverse Hosts like Shad and Larry Wilmore Set Up to Fail?

Knitflix and chill.

queering love

happy friday, y’all!


link dump friday #6

my most jam packed link dump yet! i’m moving tomorrow. this weekend is my one weekend off of the month. i’m gonna have the chance to finish Stranger Things and cook delicious things. frank ocean finally dropped a visual album.  i am happy as a clam at high tide right now.

here for it: Why Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other

#SayHerName: Cop EXPOSES Sandra Bland Cover Up and Conspiracy by Police Union

yesssssss: I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill (thx, ac!)

i hope leaving this here will make someone smile: bring the beet in.

super into Stranger Things right now (like everybody else). i haven’t been able to plow through it though, due to being busy af. such a shame. obvs super here for Eleven. also, the soundtrack is SO GOOD. this Peter Gabriel cover of Bowie’s Heroes is *thumbs up emoji*

link dump friday #6
here’s my attempt to not have a blank picture thing when i’m sharing my blog on social media. trying to make things fancy. left: the new place i’m moving into. it’s a three storey building with grey plastic siding. top right: Angie and I watching Stranger Things. bottom right: glitter from decoration making for a pals appreciation party i did last week.

omg why do white ppl love cheese so mu-

Y’ALL. the Hidden Figures trailer is out now! so excited!

are you touch starved?

this resonates with me and the things i am learning about (my) developmental trauma and attachment.

got some shitty news this past week that has left me with super complicated, conflicting feelings as well as reliving some stuff i’d rather forget. having a hard time speaking/naming what i’m feeling because it is generally looked down upon to speak ill of the dead or to admit feeling relief. i’ve felt a lot of shame the past couple of days in my thoughts. luckily i reached out to the dearest of pals (<3 ja) that could hear me. i also searched the internet to help me out. this is the only half decent thing i found.

this thread: Be tender with one another. Be tender with yourself. Everyday we get up and give life another go & that shit is not easy.

the ultimate spinster tattoo. (thx kf!) i want this on my body. STAT.

the problem with ‘not all men’.

On not laughing about pneumonia, damn sad things, & the limitations of people who love you. cw: PTSD, mental illness, sexual assault.



link dump friday #5

this week’s been busy too. i swear ta gawd when i get moved into my new place next week and settled i’ll be working on doing other things besides dumping links.

@jaythenerdkid on twitter had two really good threads going on this week: this one about woke cis dudes and their responses to finding out that another trusted woke cis dude was an abuser is *fire emoji* then there is this one about her thoughts on being bipolar. i will probably use this in the future when i tackle a post about my r-ship w/ my mom.

Google is a piece of shit and has erased Palestine from Google Maps.

Korryn Gaines and Freddie Gray’s deaths at the hands of the police highlight Baltimore’s lead poisoning crisis.

really enjoying this new podcast by W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu, mainly because i love Hari Kondabolu. the epi this week featuring dream hampton was great.

this is getting posted mainly because i am pissed at how Jared Leto treated Viola Davis. also just over dudes getting accolades for this kind of crap in general.

still really into chance the rapper. this piece about him is really lovely. i still can’t figure out how to give him my money, though (any help would be greatly appreciated). i also started listening to frank ocean this week to see what all the hype is about. i get it now. this is a great piece about reclusive artists and the demands they face.