link dump friday #18

if you’re white, in particular a white cis woman, if there’s one thing you should read this week it should probably be this. (thanks, ja!)

sometimes women have to make hard choices to be writers. while we’re at it, here is a review of Kai Cheng Thom’s new book i recently finished. 

social justice must be complicated because oppression is never simple.

ugh, this: love as political resistance.

six disabled activists and why the resistance must be accessible.

#DisabledAndCute is a great hashtag to take a gander through that has popped up this past week. #DisabledAndCurmudgeonly is a great response to it.

Jessica Williams and why Black women are not here to save you.

i don’t have enough time or energy to tackle the bullshit that is Beyoncé not getting AOTY at the Grammy’s. there are so many links i could drop but i’ll leave you with this one. here’s my favorited song from LEMONADE, Love Drought, which she performed sunday night. 


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