link dump friday #17


forgot to share this a couple of weeks ago: Momma Louisiana/Tina taught me.

a couple of weeks ago i found out (thanks ab and sd!) about this super cool podcast called Song Exploder where musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. on last week’s episode, the composer from the film Moonlight talked about the theme he created. in doing so i was introduced to a style of southern hip hop called chopped and screwed that added another brilliant layer to an already brilliant film. fast forward to this week and a chopped and screwed a mix of the Knowles’ sisters albums  from the past year called ‘A Seat At The Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade,’ has come out. it’s amazing. 

white people, i don’t want you to understand me better, i want you to understand yourselves.

young brilliance.

things to make you smile: black boy joy/black girl magic one and two.

Andrea Gibson forever.

Black History Month, Disability and Elizabeth Suggs.

10 Questions About Why Ableist Language Matters.

FKA Twigs ft. Cranes in the Sky.

check out the hashtag on twitter #WomenResistLike which centres and celebrates BIPOC femmes.

Femme FM is a brilliant local radio show made by brilliant femmes for brilliant femmes. my favourite epi thus far.

chance the rapper has a new video out. 


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