link dump friday #16

what a terrifying week. it’s hard to know how to exist. it’s hard to know what to say or do. to all my pals and friends, I love you, I see you, I got you.

six tips to avoid being a bystander when witnessing a racist attack.

this week, more than sixty years after the brutal murder of fourteen year old Emmett Till, the woman who accused him of whistling at her finally confessed to lying about it. this is such an important read: Emmett Till and the Pervasive Erasure of Disability in Conversations About White Supremacy and Police Violence.

11 Black Queer and Trans Women Discuss Self Care.

Marissa Alexander is finally free!

Beyoncé blessed us with good news on the first day of African History month. here’s a podcast talking about her pregnancy announcement the decentering of whiteness in her maternity photos. the final chapter of LEMONADE. OSHUN. YEMOJA. VENUS. if you go to her website right now you can check out more photos of her and her family along side poetry by Warsan Shire. she has three hearts. as an aside, someone on Twitter mentioned that Darth Cheeto is a Gemini that can only be defeated by twins. *insert smirk emoji* here’s a reminder of the first glorious time she was pregnant. so happy for her and her fam. her birth truthers from before when she was pregnant with Blue can suck it.

that’s all I got. have a good weekend y’all. make sure you reach out to the people you love.


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