link dump friday #15

whelp. it’s been a week.

you have to ask why you care now, and not before. 

jay smooth gives his read on the damn march.

thread for non-disabled folks to consider when thinking about activism re: the damn march. also, check out the hashtag #AccessibleOrganizingMeans on Twitter while you’re there.

thread for white folks who keep acting so proud about how the damn march was peaceful and no one got arrested. here is another one for good measure.

this link includes a thread for settlers in regards to the damn march. (i would include the original thread by @sydnerain but their tweets are now protected).

listen to a Black woman.

smh. peak white feminism. (if you don’t get it, suffragettes were racist, see here).

thank god for identity politics.

look, MHP put together an Black feminism syllabus. there’s no excuse now. (pretty sure i’ve shared this before).

my personal top three nazi’s getting punched to music: one, two, and three. (reminder that richard spencer is 38 and not a boy who is young, impressionable and doesn’t know any better).

still can’t stop thinking about moonlight. Ashton Sanders talks about radical Black masculinity. 

disability and jomo: the joy of missing out (thanks Soho Bookclub ❤ ❤ ).

how to support your disabled friends in winter and beyond.

ode to self care has been my jam this past little while.


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