like dump friday #14

it’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. it’s been a while y’all. between ruining my laptop and the world feeling like its about to end, i have not been motivated to keep this up. but now i’m here and motivated again to get back to it and try to write things besides link dumps in the future.

for now, though:

this gem of an interview of Solange by Beyoncé.

“it made me realize that we have no rituals for suffering, for breaking up, for hurting. i am not sure what those rituals would look like, but it does seem like something to seek.” if community were a safe place to fall apart.

i’ve always been self conscience about my teeth, quite often as of late, so i went back to this to help me decipher through my thoughts and feelings.

meryl streep’s golden globe speech: reaction from disabled people.

this thread about disability accessible items in response to this trash of a piece.

forgiveness is not a binary state.

the living bridges project is the brain child of Mia Mingus and documents responses to csa (child sexual abuse) from all types of people (survivors, bystanders, people who have done csa) in the hope that it can lead to transformative understanding and future responses to csa. these stories are not easy to listen to. you really need to take care of yourself or enlist the care of others if/when you decide to. ❤ 

sex gets real is a great podcast a pal alerted me to that talks about relationships, sex and everything in between. one of the first epis i listened to was about consent and carving out space for those in your life who are survivors to say yes and no when the stakes aren’t high and i just sobbed walking home from a pals house while i took it all in. good, hard, important, necessary stuff.

in december I was lucky to see a new musical called dear Evan Hansen. this was my favourite song from it sung by the glorious queen Cynthia Erivo.

happy weekend y’all. kate out.


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