link dump friday #12

Pitch is a new show on Fox (of all places) that tells the story of the first woman (who happens to be Black) to play in major league baseball. it. is. good.

The Problem With The New Down Syndrome PSA Starring Olivia Wilde (it’s a couple of months old but important).


self care.

Mia Mingus makes my heart sing.

i’ve always been super interested in asl. i took two classes while i was in uni and if my hands didn’t pain me all the time i’d probably try to take the interpretation program at nscc. this read talks about how queer and deaf communities are tackling oppression together.

this week in beyoncé: a Black artist illustrated the 11 chapters of Lemonade.

tattoo as ceremony.

queeriods: how to include menstruators of all genders in conversation.

nayirraah waheed’s self published poetry book salt celebrated it’s third anniversary this week. nayirrah wrote a reflection on salt, what it meant to have had it self published and who her writing is for.

great thread on depression and how it should not be equated with sadness.

here’s a buzzfeed listicle about chronic pain.

this is really good: Telling Myself the Truth: 5 Strategies for Fighting Internalized Ableism

i don’t think some people will like this one: Defending Hillary Clinton is not Feminsim. “If your feminism holds more space for a racist genocidal imperialist than it does for an entire planet full of women suffering under the barbarity of the system she has dedicated her life to upholding then your feminism is trash, it’s not going to get you free, and you need to get it together.”

i am listening to Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat at the Table’ as i get this ready. twitter user @SheSeauxSaditty described it as, “the appendices for Lemonade.” the album is not for me, but it is perfection.

There is a water crisis happening in Potlotek First Nation right now.

A visual history of social dance in 25 moves.

the biggest prison strike in history in the states is happening right now and hardly no one knows about it.

teehee. here for it.

for whatever reason i find the way this is written a little off-putting or something but i think it’s still a helpful read: 50 Way People Expect Constant Emotional Labour from Women and Femmes.





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