link dump friday #11

what a week. let’s jump right in.

if you aren’t watching Queen Sugar you are really missing out. i’m so in love. Ava Duvernay wrote and produced it (based off the book by Natalie Baszile) and every week a different woman directs the show. shine theory in action. i really like this little storyline and how it’s there but it’s not a big focal point to any of the epi’s. seriously though, Queen Sugar is Lemonade level for me. it’s exquisite, i tremble while watching it, i feel blessed/lucky to have the chance to watch this story unfold.

made these this week. delish.

this week in Beyoncé: Viola Davis’ daughter is a stan. we don’t even need to give time to the fact that Bey was robbed of an Emmy.

Flint, Michigan has been without safe drinking water since April 2014. This week the state removed the Flint’s ability to sue.

“Right now, I need white women, particularly white feminist spaces, to go beyond the idea that their racism is just a passive, residual effect of violent white men’s anger and control.” white women and a revisiting of intersectionality. (thanks, ja!)

“…the existence of blacks in America is one predicated on the recognition, or rather nonrecognition, of others — politicians, police officers, department store managers, landlords. If you are black, you live provisionally. You exist somewhere in the in-between, oscillating like a pendulum amid an uncertain life and an immediate, certain end.” read more here.

a lot of white people don’t know where to start when they try to start to unpack their privilege and whiteness/learn about race. maybe start here. (again, thanks ja!)



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