link dump friday #10

happy friday y’all. the suns out. it feels like fall. i’m off this weekend AND slept well last night.

let’s go.

Solange Knowles breaks it down after having a terrible experience at a Kraftwerk concert with her family.

“i am so tired of radical vulnerability discourse that locates empowerment in divulging personal pain.” oh my. yes. this.

the queer poor aesthetic. (thank you, ja.)

Disabled Lives, Assisted Suicide and Ableism. a must read. found here.

Tobias Jesso Jr. dropped a little somethin’ somethin’.

Jay-Z made this video to raise awareness about the War on Drugs and black disenfranchisement (Molly Crabapple did the illustrations, dream hampton was involved in the development process). here is a response, the Herstory of the War on Drugs.

“My femme identity doesn’t just include my disabled body; it’s built on it.”

GBBO is moving over to Channel 4 and Mel and Sue are not going with it. love for Mel and Sue. reminder why GBBO is so awesome.

Ijeoma Oluo is always on point and a queen. When I Said All Trump Supporters Are White Supremacists, I Meant It.

future me: Woman Who Picked Dog Over Getting Married Made the Right Decision. (thanks ke!)

this week in Beyoncé: she helped plan a surprise proposal for her dance captain that’s been with her since she was 18. “well, let’s see if you can do the choreography after that.”

gonna try and write something that’s not a link dump this weekend. let’s see if it gets posted monday ❤




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