link dump friday #9

friday. yay day.

GBBO has been back for a couple of weeks. this week was bread week which is one of my faves. so is Val. (she does aerobics while she bakes). also, gonna start telling myself this all the time. thank you, Mary.

tired of trigger warnings being back in the news and *so* controversial. How the Trigger Warning Debate Exposes Our Fucked Up Views on Mental Illness why can’t we all just be aware, sensitive people?! jeepers.

Jen Richards posted this video about cis actors, trans roles and the violence that is enacted every time a cis actor takes on one. she also sent this tweet out last week and it’s been on my mind ever since.

more Laverne, less Katherine. amirite?

Labour Day was this past Monday. Here‘s a great piece about Labour Day, the labour movement and racism.

on on fetishizing lone and romance. (thanks, ar!)

The Real Sex Lives Of Muslim Women (nsfw image comin’ at ya). this is so good.

How To Be A Practicing Feminist With Your Partner

Radical Vulnerability: Why It’s Important to be Visible Online if You’re Sensitive

i have not gotten to any of this yet but i am excited and grateful to have access to it: Black Disabled Woman Syllabus: A Compilation

Regina Spektor has new music out and I feel like I’m 18 and back in my uni dorm again.

feeling the puppy/dog fever hard this week (lets get real, when am i not?) here’s a listicle of greyhounds.

dark skin and tattooing. *heart eye emoji* #LEMONADE.

Darren Seals, a community organizer and local activist in Ferguson, MO was murdered this past week. He was a fierce critic of the BLM movement.


How To Be Wrong Do you want to be right or, do you want to be better? (thanks ar!)



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