link dump friday #8

i feel like this week has gotten the best of me but here goes:

Beyoncé blessed us with a 15 minute vma performance this week. she has a way of uplifting me that very few can. sunday was a super hard day at work so, when i got my ass home monday morning it was the best thing to begin decompressing with. i cried a lot. the video has been taken down so if weren’t able to catch it, i’m so sorry. my friend kf sent me this Yoncé themed flash (i want all of it). leading up to the vma’s i was reflecting on memorable Bey performances and i was reminded of one, i think it was at last year’s MIA festival where she sampled this Eartha Kitt interview where she talks about love and compromise. it is FIRE. i should probably listen to it once a week or something. (HA! stupid.) in other Beyoncé news: not only did she put new merch up on her online store. (i NEED that boy bye sweater) she also has new merch out for the second lag of her North American tour (i also NEED that burgundy ruched sweater).

Thurst is gonna be the first dating app for queer people of all genders. COOL.

whelp. that’s all i got.



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