link dump friday #7

last friday i was stoked because a new Frank Ocean album was out but later that day i was also reminded that Lisa Hannigan had a new album come out as well. it’s been a long time coming and it’s so so lovely.

someone, i can’t remember who, told me to listen to the heart (formerly known as audio smut), a podcast/audio art project about intimacy and humanity. i’ve been listening to their whole back catalogue while i’ve been puttering around my new place. it’s kind of hit or miss for me. some epi’s i’ve had to skip cause they’ve been triggering. i’d also give a nsfw warning for it’s earlier epi’s especially. but, there was an epi early on about disability and intimacy called the Sensorium, another called Love Letters about, you guessed it, love letters, and, I just got done a really cute/weird episode about fan love/Aaron Carter. i think it’s worth checking out.

the best cat story thread.

tiff and instagram teamed up for a short film festival and this film, Hope, won fan favourite.

Ramen is quickly becoming the preferred form of currency (over tobacco) in US prisons.

sigh. Cop shoots and kills unarmed deaf man as he tries to communicate using sign language.

Caster Semenya is stronger and faster than other athletes, but the real advantage is that she is braver.” v. tired of this bullshit brought on by the Olympics. background info can be found here.

other olympics bullshit: a Palestinian refugee playing for Jordan wins gold and Israel claims him as their own.

tenderqueerthings makes my tender queer heart feel things.

Roxane Gay talking ’bout Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy. cw: sexual assault and suicide.

i am sad Larry Wilmore and the folks at the Nightly Show are done. i am sad the next q host is a white, cis dude. Are Diverse Hosts like Shad and Larry Wilmore Set Up to Fail?

Knitflix and chill.

queering love

happy friday, y’all!



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