link dump friday #6

my most jam packed link dump yet! i’m moving tomorrow. this weekend is my one weekend off of the month. i’m gonna have the chance to finish Stranger Things and cook delicious things. frank ocean finally dropped a visual album.  i am happy as a clam at high tide right now.

here for it: Why Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other

#SayHerName: Cop EXPOSES Sandra Bland Cover Up and Conspiracy by Police Union

yesssssss: I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill (thx, ac!)

i hope leaving this here will make someone smile: bring the beet in.

super into Stranger Things right now (like everybody else). i haven’t been able to plow through it though, due to being busy af. such a shame. obvs super here for Eleven. also, the soundtrack is SO GOOD. this Peter Gabriel cover of Bowie’s Heroes is *thumbs up emoji*

link dump friday #6
here’s my attempt to not have a blank picture thing when i’m sharing my blog on social media. trying to make things fancy. left: the new place i’m moving into. it’s a three storey building with grey plastic siding. top right: Angie and I watching Stranger Things. bottom right: glitter from decoration making for a pals appreciation party i did last week.

omg why do white ppl love cheese so mu-

Y’ALL. the Hidden Figures trailer is out now! so excited!

are you touch starved?

this resonates with me and the things i am learning about (my) developmental trauma and attachment.

got some shitty news this past week that has left me with super complicated, conflicting feelings as well as reliving some stuff i’d rather forget. having a hard time speaking/naming what i’m feeling because it is generally looked down upon to speak ill of the dead or to admit feeling relief. i’ve felt a lot of shame the past couple of days in my thoughts. luckily i reached out to the dearest of pals (<3 ja) that could hear me. i also searched the internet to help me out. this is the only half decent thing i found.

this thread: Be tender with one another. Be tender with yourself. Everyday we get up and give life another go & that shit is not easy.

the ultimate spinster tattoo. (thx kf!) i want this on my body. STAT.

the problem with ‘not all men’.

On not laughing about pneumonia, damn sad things, & the limitations of people who love you. cw: PTSD, mental illness, sexual assault.



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