link dump friday #1

link dump friday is a post i hope will happen most fridays where i dump links of things i’ve been reading/watching/eating/listening to/thinking about for the past week. here’s the first one.

this is v. good: 5 Ways to Navigate Consent with a Partner Who Has Trouble Setting Boundaries

oof. things i’ve had floating around in my brain for a bit and pondering. this guts magazine piece SELF CARE AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? complicates how we think about and take part in self care. (thanks for putting it into my orbit, a!)

i never grew up in michigan or illinois but i grew up in a small town on sufjan and this post from Rookie gave me a lotta feels.

this week i made these, they were delish and i’m thinking that this summer will be a summer of desserts.

Alok Vaid-Menon is one half of the trans south asian performance art duo Darkmatter. last week they decided they would take photos of what they are wearing and write notes and responses and reflections to the people who harass them. they are incredibly powerful and compelling (those descriptors feel so… insensitive and not enough but that’s all i can think of) and every time one of them has come across my insta feed i am doing my best to take pause and reflect on being cis, white, the transphobia/misogyny that lives inside me, what’s at stake and what i can do about it all.

tunes. hannah georgas just released her album for evelyn, named after her grandmother. i’m digging it. i’m always listening to Lemonade and it’s always feeling brand new and exciting and needed (ps. Bey released the video for sorry on its own last week). also. i don’t know how chance the rapper found me but i’m digging his new-ish album coloring book.

my friend k, was in town for a wedding and let me have a lend of this (before they were even done reading it themselves!) and i have been gleefully nerding out the past couple of days.

everything feels pretty bleak atm but now is the time for white folks to dig in our heels and step up. this might be a good place to start. or here. Beyoncé gets it. she really does. always remember: Black femmes/women are constantly holding it down and being resilient af time and time again (but who takes care of them?) AND, Black newly traumatized babies are still able to tell their mama’s “It’s OK, I’m right here with you.”
it shouldn’t have to be this way.





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